Episode 25 with special guest Markco of Just My Two Copper

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Heyo, our podcast is back yet again — take that haters! This time we’re talking to Markco, the guy running the very popular JustMyTwoCopper.com site, as well as a host of Castaclysm and the Call to Auction podcast. He lets us into the strange world of gold making in World of Warcraft, where we check Ore prices, learn how to make a million gold, and find out whether his guide is actually worth buying (answer: it is, but only after you’ve actually made all the gold you want). And it’s not just WoW this week — we also talk about Starcraft 2 (and the shortest game ever), a couple of other games, the worst gifts we’ve ever been given, and we recommend some names for a Warcraft baby.

Oh and hey there’s a nice update on the bedtime story as well, so tune in for that if you’re interested (and you should be — it’s pretty epic). You can listen to the show above, or just hit up our page on iTunes (where we could use a review and a rating as well, if you’ve got a second!).

If you hear something on the show you want to reply to, please do drop us an email at theshow@incrediblepodcast.com, or give us a call at 1-830-4-TURPS-4, and you’ll probably hear it on the show next week. Enjoy, both your week and this episode.

Next week we’ll probably be a little late — Mike will be in the air on Sunday, so we’ll probably tape the show sometime later on, probably Monday or Wednesday. Either way, there will be a show, but we won’t be live in the chat channel as usual on Sunday. Keep an eye on Twitter if you want to hear where and when we’ll record next.

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  1. Unknownloner

    9 August 2010 at 9:32 am

    Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE this isn’t castaclysm?