Episode 13 with special guest Mary Varn

“Iron Man 2 is my favourite Superhero of all time!”

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On our thirteenth episode, we welcomed the lovely and talented Mary Varn onto the show — she does the comic (and the blog) at NPCComic.com, and we talked with her about the iPad, board games, what she’s been playing lately, and whether it’s easier to be a geek girl or a geek guy. We also took your emails, talked more about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is better (Star Wars is definitely better), and figured out who our “favourite” superheroes are.

In case you’re wondering how Mike really feels about Batman, here you go. And if you want to see Turpster’s animation work, you can head over to the Rainbow Club Productions website and find it there.

As always, if you hear something on the show that you want to respond to, you can! Send us an email at theshow@incrediblepodcast.com, or give us a call at 1-830-4-TURPS-4 (or combine technologies by recording yourself on your computer, and then emailing it to us as an MP3 attachment, and we’ll play it anyway). Meanwhile, enjoy the show, and we’ll see you next week!

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